Update 2015

Warner brothers & HBO and others express interest in the T.V series. However without a literary agent to represent the series it never made it to the Big Screen. More than 200 licensed literary agents have been contacted, to date.


TV. series line up proposal. The Forbidden Knife Thrower Tapes

With his more then 300 trick throws not only by mouth, foot, elbows, body throws, and more. Plus then there are the Throw-A-Thon tapes.Two full length tapes, 2 sickle and sword tricks throws. Each DVD most 2 hours long; consolidated most his trick throws on 10 DVDs but there are still more tapes to go through! More than enough for a Television Series. Perhaps a second season as well!!


The Forbidden Knife Thrower Tapes

The forbidden knife thrower tapes. They tried to stop him but they forgot one thing he wasn’t done yet. They trashed his throwing range down to the ground not once but twice. Years later they attempted to petition his throwing range.

These are the The Forbidden Knife Thrower Tapes.

Demo Reels, “45min”, TV series proposal

Knife Throwing Stunts; Swords, Body throws, Mouth and Foot throws, and more……

Demo Reels $10.00 post paid

Tony Barrett, P.O Box 1126

Hanover, PA 17331

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Demo Reels

Each DVD $10 are 3 for $25.

or all 7 for $60 plus a FREE T-SHIRT!!!!

Choose from the following DVDs….

  1. Demo Reels ” see above”
  2. Hand trick shots
  3. Between the legs
  4. Mouth throws
  5. Foot & Feet
  6. Elbow throw
  7. Body throws

When ordering all 7 DVDs please include the size t-shirt: S,M,L,XL, and XXL


Tony Barrett, P.O Box 1126

Hanover, PA 17331